Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Proud Mary

Despite raving reviews on Urbanspoon, my first visit to Proud Mary wasn't that memorable. Reasons are outlined as follows:

Coffee: I frequently visit a local cafe (Badger and Hawk) on my way to work that uses Proud Mary beans. I expected the coffee from the original roasting house to be just as good, if not better. The coffee that was served to me that rainy Saturday morning was more acidic and had a slight bitter aftertaste. Compared to Badger and Hawk, my latte wasn't as milky. The best latte I have had so far is from Auction Rooms in North Melbourne. It was so smooth and milky that I ordered two cups! (and I am the one coffee a day drinker)

Anyway, I digress. Now for the breakfast dish...

Food: the Potato Hash dish ($16.50) was ordered. It came out with one poached egg and bacon in traditional Italian anchovy sauce (garlic & cream). Most places normally serve two poached eggs so I was disappointed when only one was present T_T For its price, I was also expecting a piece of sourdough or another side dish to counter the slabs of bacon and anchovy sauce (or another egg perhaps?). The potato hash had subtle flavours and was not too oily. I found the overall dish to be a bit too salty for my liking. My dining partner had ordered the same thing and thought it was ok for his taste. Just different preferences and sensitivity levels I guess. 

Service and ambiance was good. Staff were friendly and efficient in taking orders. We sat at the communal table but you would still be able to converse between yourselves without shouting.

Best Cafe in The Age Good Food Guide? I wouldn't go back in a hurry, but if I do I will order a different dish. I believe there are other better contenders out there. More cafe reviews to come...

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