Monday, 12 November 2012

Hong Kong Dim Sum

The name of the restaurant is not only limited to dim sums alone. I'm surprised that not many Urbanspoon viewers have voted on this as the food during dinner was decent. They served generous portions, flavours were present and it was good value. It seemed overshadowed by other sprawling Chinese or Malaysian eateries nearby but patrons know this place gets busy for a reason.

The decor is not flash but as long as the food didn't disappoint, that is what mattered. The majority of main dishes were $12-$18. Our most expensive dish we ordered was the pippis ($22). The selection of dishes on offer were quite varied and they stuck to mainly traditional Cantonese combinations. Most restaurants would charge more than $20 for a standard main dish of equal portions. We ended up paying $25 per person between  8 people. We were happy with the execution of their dishes and would happily return.

Pippi in XO Sauce

Hotpot eggplant with minced meat

Deep fried Japanese tofu with mushroom veggies in gravy

Taro battered roast duck

Hong Kong Dim Sum on Urbanspoon

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